New polling conducted by the respected pollsters at Anzalone-Liszt research shows broad support for paid sick days legislation across all demographic groups.


Support for the legislation begins high, and holds in the face of negative information. Prior to giving any information about the paid sick day legislation, support begins at 64% in favor – 29% oppose. After giving a short description of the details of the bill, support jumps to 73% favor – 24% oppose, with 48% of voters “strongly” in favor. Even in the face of negative information about the bill (as well as positive) support only dips to 66% favor – 31% oppose, with “strong” support holding at 45%, while strong opposition is nearly half that (24%). Support for the bill cross-cuts demographics, and while Moms, Democrats, Independent women, and voters who currently receive sick leave are among its strongest supporters, there is no demographic group measured in the poll who opposes the legislation.

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