Small Business Network for Paid Sick Days

The Small Business Network for Paid Sick Days is a group of Connecticut business owners and management professionals who believe that a common-sense paid sick days policy benefits employers, employees and our customers.

Louis Lista
“Some businesses may have an old-fashioned view that anything that is good for employees is necessarily costly for employers. But I think my business serves to prove that this is not a zero-sum game, and that providing decent benefits like paid sick days, even to workers in the food service industry, can pay real dividends for a business.”

-Louis Lista,
Owner, Pond House Cafe

Kate Emery
“People who are stressed out financially, emotionally, and physically don’t create a healthy community, so there are good financial reasons to treat employees fairly and with respect even if the basic human desire to be fair and compassionate doesn’t provide reason enough.”

-Kate Emery,
CEO, Walker Systems Support

Jonathan Kantrowitz
“Providing paid sick days discourages employees from coming to work sick. This reduces the likelihood that a sick employee will infect other employees, and it helps sick employees recover fast. Sick employees are also more likely to have accidents, risk injuries on the job or cause costly mistakes.”

-Jonathan Kantrowitz
Owner, Queue, Inc.

Mike and Tessa
“I personally do not want to work in an environment where people feel compelled to come to work sick. I’m sure my associates in the office feel the same way.

Companies who provide paid leave to their employees are preferred employers in the market place for quality talent. We provide paid leave and our employees are top-notch.”

-Mike Brown and Tessa Marquis
New Standard Institute



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